Free Tour of Athens with Dionysus

Discover the spectacular city of Athens and feel like a local


Athens with Dionysus

We are fascinated by the culture, mythology and history of this magical city; The word “philhellene” describes us perfectly. In addition, our love for travelling is what brought us together, so that’s why we want to be called “DIONYSUS”. Let's not talk about wine... Dionysus used to be  the perfect traveler, but WHY? *Please notice that we use the word “traveler” instead of “tourist”, which we consider quite different. The traveler does not only visit sites, but also understands their historical context and importance. Moreover, a real traveler likes delving deeply into the local culture, discovering all the secrets of the destination and enriching his/her experience by doing so.

Join us for 3-hour tour in order to learn about all the important sites of Athens, and even better, if you really want to get to know the city and feel like a local.  But of course, by honouring Dionysus, we will do this while we are having fun and enjoying our walk. Apart from visiting and explaining the most famous sights we want you to discover hidden treasures and share all their secrets. For example:

Did you know that—>

-The biggest sports-brand in the world owes its existence to a Greek God?

-Athens was about to be named “Poseidonia”

-There is a place in Athens where you can die in case of lying?

-The first Marathon was run by a Greek 2500 years ago?

-Showing the palm of your hand to someone can be totally misunderstood in Greece?

Unusual and fun facts like these and many more are waiting for you. They will be the cherry of the cake that will bring the tour to a whole new level by enriching it, making it far more enjoyable and, in conclusion, creating a complete experience. We will learn about history, mythology, Greek culture, local customs and anything that YOU want to talk about. Our philosophy is “Fun Learning”, but more importantly… LEARN WHAT YOU CANNOT LEARN IN A BOOK OR BLOG! 

Sites we will visit:

Ready to fall in love with Athens by Dionysus?


Important information: We, as well as all the other free tours in Greece, do NOT enter in the archaeological sites. We will finish the tour in Plaka, very close to the entrance of the Acropolis and Monastiraki Square. We invite you to ask us for any kind of questions or directions when we finish the tour, we will be very pleased to help you :)


       Mornings—> 10:15, everyday, from Monday to Friday


In front of the National Library of Greece, click here in order to know where it is and how to get there